Avoid Drab Walls With These Office Design Tips

Color can say a lot about an office space to both employees and clients. If you choose off-white walls for ease and affordability, staff might have less interest in their work environment and, in turn, their work. Clients may also view the space (and your business) as less impressive. Office design is important, and it’s remarkable what a little color on the walls can do to alter a person’s perception of a space. An office interior designer can help. Where once drab colors left employees feeling uninspired, colorful and interesting wall coverings can really wake up and energize your staff. Utilize the tips below during the office design process and make your office space worth working in.

1. Accent walls can highlight important areas of your business. Although painting a room entirely red to match your logo may not be the most enjoyable environment, choosing a wall or two for a pop of color can really add importance to a space. Whether you want to create a fun break room or a professional conference room, accent walls that reflect your business culture or brand can do the trick.

2. Color themes are a great way to create cohesion throughout the office or designate certain areas for different branches of your business. Many multi-level businesses will incorporate different color themes for different floors so that when an employee or client steps off the elevator, they can immediately recognize where they are.

3. Make your office design reflect the company. If you have a snazzy logo, show it off! Incorporating those colors on the walls or decor will show that you have really made the space your own. Perhaps your business has a great tag line or impressive set of values. Displaying those words in a graphically interesting way on the walls of a common space can really strengthen your corporate identity and leave a positive impression on clients.

4. Don’t forget about corporate art! Selecting artwork that fits the theme of a room can really invite people into the space. Corporate art consultants are skilled at picking the right pieces for your vision or even creating custom pieces upon request. If your walls, floors, and artwork exude innovation and professionalism, so will your business!

5. Consider wall textures as well. If you have the money to spend, using wood installations or textured wallpaper as an accent wall can really up the sophistication of your space. If your business has arrived, and you’re ready to show off, unique textured walls are a great, subtle way to show that off.

If you’re ready to upgrade your office space to up employee morale or prove your professionalism to clients, implementing one or more of these office design tips is a great way to start. Make sure to consult with an office interior designer, architect, or corporate art consultant as well, as these experts have the experience and tools to help implement your vision!