Five Things That Prove Architecting Is an Art

Every individual you meet is an artist in some or the other way. Just because someone has a canvas placed in front of him and a few colors or brushes in his hands, does not mean that he is the only artist in the world. All the people walking on the streets are artists. The only difference is that every person has a different field of art. While some individuals are good in writing, there are others, who are good in cooking. While some individuals are good in talking, there are others, who are good in playing instruments.

Similarly, architecting is also an art. Wondering why? Here is a list of the top five things that would prove the same:

1) Architecting is not everyone’s cup of tea: If you ask me to paint, I won’t be able to do that. If you ask a painter to write, he might not write as good as a popular novelist. Similarly, if you ask a random person to design a building, he won’t be able to do that. This is because architecting is no child’s play; the professionals in this field are well-educated and talented.

2) An architect creates masterpieces: Just like a painter creates masterpieces, so does an architect. He has his own designs in his mind; he has his own equipment, his own thoughts that he puts on blank sheets of papers. When he does that, there is absolutely nothing in his mind, except for the constructions.

3) He designs, paints and constructs: He is someone, who knows how to design, fill the blank sketch with colors or paints and then supervise the construction as well. I agree that not all the professionals stand at the time of the construction, but most of them do. It depends upon what kind of an architect you hire for your task.

4) Just like any other artist, he is the creator of an architecture: When a painter paints, he creates something that has never been created like him before. Similarly, when a professional architect creates something, he stands at a distance and quietly stares at the created masterpiece. It takes a huge amount of experience, talent and skill to enter into this field and watch your sketch being created into a masterpiece.

5) Nobody can do the job as good as him: Unless you are learned in this field, you can’t do the job like a professional person. No matter how hard you try to sketch a particular construction, you can’t do it because that’s not your job; it’s his!